We aim to provide students and members a well-rounded experience to the creation of Thai cuisine. From authentic dishes, local meals-to-go, to nutritious packages, we desire to enable enthusiasts to acknowledge and appreciate the uniqueness in every single dish we teach. Please feel free to explore and pick a package the suit your interests most!

1. Classic Thai Sensational Cuisine Class A

This course includes the popular Green Curry Chicken (Kawng Keaw Wan Gai), Thai Glass Noodles Salad (Yum Woon Sen), and Black Glutinous Rice with Taro with Coconut Milk. Ideal for Green Curry and sticky rice dessert lovers! Great combinations of Thai food that could satisfy your cravings in a seamless way! The lightness in the appetizer dish is just a perfect introduction to the heavier main dish of Green Curry. All these three dishes combined is just at its right level. Also a good combo of textures in the selection of dishes that would surprise your senses!

Green Curry Chicken
(Kaeng Keaw Wan Gai)

Thai Glass Noodles Salad
(Yum Woon Sen)

Black Glutinous Rice with Taro coconut milk
(Khao Neow Dam Peur)
2. Classic Thai Sensational Cuisine Class B

Featuring the popular Tom Yum Goong!!!! Also introducing the underrated and undiscovered Tapioca Pearl Dumplings (Sakoo Sai Moo)! For those frequent travellers to Thailand, you would know that Sakoo Sai Moo is often found on the streets in Thailand sold in boxes and often bought by road commuters off the streets for their enjoyment throughout their long road trips. Chewy, quick hunger cure, savory, but sweet and appetizing! The combination of flavors in this course is well balanced to ensure that students have a chance to appreciate the unique tastes in each of them. Sweet, spicy, savory, chewy, smooth and exotic!

Thai Hot and sour soup with prawns and seafood
(Tom Yum Goong)

Tapioca Pearl Dumplings
(SaKoo Sai Moo)

Tapioca in Coconut milk syrup
(Man Sam PaRang Chueam )
3. Delightful Local Thai Cuisine Class A

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice, Pork Satay, and Sare Rice (Pearl Barley and Sago with Coconut Milk). The popular Pineapple Fried Rice is an easy to learn dish that has a very distinctive Thai feel and taste that would never fail to impress your loved ones on a home-food weekend! Goes very well with Pork Satay sticks and ends perfectly with a mildly sweet dessert made of the healthy Barley pearls and sago with sweet, salty, and smooth coconut milk.

Pork Satay
(Moo Satay)

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice
(Khao Pad Sopparot)

Pearl Barley and Sago with Coconut milk
(Sare Rice)
4. Delightful Local Thai Cuisine Class B

Looking for an easy-to-make main dish that could be ready-to-go at anytime? This course may be perfect for those lunch-box lovers who are looking or something quick and tasty for lunch during work hours! Khao Kluk Kapi is dish not seen at all in commercialized Thai restaurants here in Hong Kong. There is great mixture of tastes and textures in this dish that combines the sweet, savory, dry and moist ingredients that satisfy the non-conventional and out-of-the-box Thai food lovers! And if this dish does not fill you up, the Golden Coin Fish Cake would definitely do the trick!!!

Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste
(Khao Kluk Kapi)

Golden Coin Fish Cake
(Tod Mun Pla)

Three Colors Glutinous Rice ball in coconut milk
(Ka-Nom Bou Roy Sam Sri )
5. Queen’s Golden Selection

The Queen’s Golden Selection here is highly recommended to those who would like to learn a great set of Thai dishes in a month! The selection of dishes in this package has a great balance of complexity and simplicity, featuring some very traditional dishes that have unique cultural stories behind them, for example the Sweet Son in Law’s eggs with Tamarind Sauce. There is also a great mixture of seafood and meat in this monthly package that would not leave you a chance to be exhausted with the repetitive ingredients used. Level of difficulties in each class throughout the month is also arranged accordingly to ensure that there is sufficient time for you to absorb, practice and feel what has been learnt.

Fried Oyster with egg and bean sprout
(Hoi Tod)

Fried noodle with prawn
(Pad Thai Goong)

Sweet son in law's eggs with tamarin sauce
(Kait Louk Kare)
6. Appreciation Class

This is a single class offered to members who would like to learn how to whip out a few popular dishes for their loved ones in a short period of time! Class E: Thai Pork Salad, Fried Taro Nuggets with Peanuts; Class F: Thai Style Glass Noodle Salad, Stir Fly Prawns with Fava Beans; Class G: Thai Hot and Sour Soup with shrimp, Thai Golden Spring Rolls; Class H: Thai Style Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste, Hot and Spicy Squid Salad

Thai Pork Salad
(Laab Moo)

Thai Golden Spring Rolls
(Pod Pia Tod)

Hot and Spicy Squid Salad
(Yum Pha Muk)
7. Nutritious Class

Eating right and making healthy foods can sometimes be challenging. It is not about strict nutrition philosophies, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, it is about feeling great, having more energy, stabilising your mood, and keeping yourself as healthy as possible. This course introduces you nutrient pack recipes by advising some nutrition basics and using them in traditional thai home cooking. Now you can give your love ones extra nutrition they need and that also in delicious and tempting ways! Lesson 1: Noodle with Salmon Fish Curry Lesson 2: Ginger Lemongrass Poached Fish with Mixed Vegetables, Southern Thai Rice Salad with Fresh Herbs ; Lesson 3: Stir Fry Tamarind Shrimp; Lesson 4: Thai Fried Noodle with Prawn, Thai Papaya Salad with Fresh Shrimps

Noodle with Salmon Fish Curry
(Khanom Chin Nam Ya)

Stir Fry Tamarind Shrimp
(Goong Makham)

Thai Papaya Salad with Fresh Shrimps
(Som Tum Goong Sod)